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Posting your resume  

Hint: Remember your password -- you need it to modify or renew your resume.

2.  Then select how long you want the resume to appear at CorrosionJobs.Com. 3. Provide ALL contact information.

Hint: Information provided is kept confidential -- see our Privacy Statement.
Hint: Remember your password so you can renew or edit your resume.
Hint: Interested employers can contact you by e-mail, but they never see your e-mail address or any other identity information.

4. Type the body text of your resume in the text field.

Hint: You can review your resume before posting.

5. Click the "Submit" button only once.

Hint: Be patient -- it may take a while to record your information.

Renewing your resume  

1.  Go to the Renew Resume page.
2.  Select how much longer you want your resume to remain at CorrosionJobs.Com.
3.  Enter your resume number and your password.
4.  Click only once on the Renew Resume button.

Hint: Renewals are effective from current expiration date not date of renewal.

Its that easy to keep your resume active!

Revising your resume  
1.  Go to the Edit Resume page.
2.  Enter your resume number and your password.
3.  Click only once on the Edit Resume button.
4.  Make your desired changes and re-save your resume.

Its that easy to modify your resume to match goals and opportunities!

Deleting your resume  
1.  Go to the Delete Resume page.
2.  Enter your resume number and your password.
3.  Click only once on the Delete Resume button.

Its that easy -- your resume is gone!

The resume advisor  

When you post your resume, the employers advisor will match keywords in your resume with a list of keywords which employers have provided. If there is a match, the employer will be notified of your newly posted resume.

This only happens with initial posting, so you should visit often to look at new job opportunities

Make sure you incorporate commonly accepted terms into your resume, so it is announced to prospective employers.

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