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Special Services offered by CorrosionJobs.Com

Co-Branded Viewing

With Co-Branded Viewing all you do is provide the URL to your pages.

If your company web site contains a page or pages listing job opportunities with your company, and you want the additional exposure CorrosionJobs.Com will provide, then Co-Branded Viewing is your solution.

With Co-Branded Viewing visitors will be taken directly to your web site to experience the full benefit of your carefully crafted job advertisements.

With Co-Branded Viewing all information stays on your web site. All responses are direct to you.

With Co-Branded Viewing all your opportunities are presented together --the way you want them presented.

With Co-Branded Viewing you only maintain one set of web pages -- on your web site.

With Co-Branded Viewing your web pages are displayed inside a CorrosionJobs.Com page. The CorrosionJobs.Com banner will appear at the top of the page and a CorrosionJobs.Com menu will appear at the left. Your entire page, with all navigation, will be displayed on the remaing space.

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For more information call Del at 281-353-4862.

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Featured Employers
  • Your job opportunities are presented to every job seeker at CorrosionJobs.Com.
  • Significantly increases your exposure to the pool of job seekers.
  • All your job opportunities are presented as a unit.
  • You job opportunities are accompanied by your company profile.
Who Should Be A Featured Employer
  • Companies with many job opportunities
  • Companies with available positions almost all the time
  • Companies that want to increase their exposure to job seekers
Terms and Conditions

CorrosionJobs.Com reserves the right to reject any content for whatever reason. CorrosionJobs.Com WILL reject any content which is illegal, pornographic, obscene, libelous, deceptive or (as deemed by us) to be otherwise objectionable.

For pricing, visit our Price page
For more information call Del at 281-353-4862.

What You Get
  • Plaque
    • Contains Name and/or Logo
    • Displayed to every job seeker
    • Link to your company profile page
  • Company Profile Page
    • Description of your company in your own words
    • One picture
    • Links to:
      • Index of your job opportunities
      • Your company web site home page
      • Two additional pages on your web site
  • Dedicated Index
    • Lists all your job opportunities on one page
    • Links to complete job descriptions
  • Double Exposure for Your Jobs
    • Your job opportunities will be available to all job seekers at CorrosionJobs.Com in all of the browse and search functions available.
    • Your job opportunities are collected together and presented in a list dedicated to your company.
What You Do
  1. Furnish content for your profile page
  2. List your job opportunities in the normal fashion
What We Do
When we receive your content we will construct your unique profile page and post it on our web site. At that time we will construct an attractive plaque containing your company name and/or logo. The plaque will be displayed to every job seeker at CorrosionJobs.Com.

We will construct and maintain a unique dedicated index of all job opportunities which you post at CorrosionJobs.Com. This index will provide links to each job opportunity you have listed at CorrosionJobs.Com.

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